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We need to identify the Bulgarian IWW papers  that he apparently edited

We have one  "Robotnicheska Misul (Workers Thought) published in Chicago- no dates,as yet

> Not listed in February 17, 1917 list of foreign language presses in Solidarity. First mentioned on July 7, 1917, though list of foreign language presses not printed in the 5 months in between.

We also have to identify Densmore's official title
> See this government document as well as this one. It looks like he was the Solicitor of the Department of Labor, and occasionally filled in for the Secretary of Labor or Assistant Secretary of Labor. He might have served other small roles within the department as well. In July 1916 it looks like he was the Acting Assistant Secretary of Labor, but it's not exactly clear precisely what his title was when he dealt with Andreytchine. See the attached New York Times article.

Article about the work being done by foreign language presses of the IWW. Excerpt:

"A few of the militant workers who speak Bulgarian have started a paper in Chicago. This paper, Rabotnicheska Mysl, has already done splendid work from an educational standpoint. There have been two recruiting unions started since the appearance of the paper and thousands of Bulgarians are beginning to wake from their lethargic slumbers. Every new issue of this paper is a mortal blow to the capitalist system.

"To do good work this paper should be supported. It should be given the co-operation of all parts of the movement. It needs assistance of many kinds. Members should donate to its support; they should send the names of Bulgarian lumberjacks, harvest workers, etc.; they should take up sub books for the new paper, and boost it in every possible way. George Andreytchine, the temporary editor of the new paper, the name of which translated into English means "Labor's Thought," says that "any worker who can read the sturdy Bulgarian language should subscribe and we will give him a paper that will make him uneasy until he becomes a real rebel and joins the Industrial Workers of the World."