German-Bolshevik Conspiracy… and anti-radical hysteria?

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German-Bolshevik Conspiracy and the Red Scare

Was "The German-Bolshevik Conspiracy" issued by the Committee on Public Information, headed by George Creel, the first "official" government document aiding the development of an anti-Bolshevik movement?

Evans attempts to "describe in brief review the most obvious falsehoods about Russia that have passed current in the United States since the October Revolution" and to try to "show the source of these fabrications." He cites Sisson's report and the Overman and Lusk Committee's as propagating fabrications of Soviet Russia. Can the anti-Bolshevik movement be traced back to the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk?

Also, to what degree did the CPI contribute to the anti-German, anti-Bolshevik, and anti-radical hysteria?