Trachtenberg as a Speaker

The Emma Goldman Papers
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May 31, 1917, New York Times:  The First Conference on Democracy and Terms of Peace held in the Garden Theatre, Madison Avenue, and Twenty-Seventh Street demanded that the United States declare a separate peace between the nation and Germany after the end of submarine warfare and also proposed to support the war progam of the Workmen's and Soldiers' Council of Russia. Trachtenberg was a speaker at the conference, along with Louis P. Lochner and Ludwig Lore, editor of the New Yorker Volks-Zeitung. Many people were appointted to various committees, including Jane Addams, Randolph Bourne, Messrs, Hillquit, Berger and lee, Henry Bereche, the Reverand Richard Hogue, and etc. There were two day sessions that day and a mass meeting in Madison Square Garden that night.