Trachtenberg’s Speech at the 2nd Anniversary of Russian Revolution

The Emma Goldman Papers
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  • made this speech at a public meeting arranged byt he Socialist Local of New York to celebrate the Second Anniversary of the founding of the Russian Socialist Federated Soviet Republic at Park View Palace, 110th Street and Fifth Avenue on November 7, 1919. 
  • “Comrades, we will have, I say, to celebrate the Anniversary of the Russian Revolution very swiftly tonight, because we have the several meetings to cover with the same number of speakers. By the way, there are tonight, perhaps, a doen meetings being held throughout the city, cleberating the same occasion.”
  • meeting to celebrate the second anniversary of the proletarian revolution of Russia on November 7, 1917. 
  • American workers could try and draw a few lessons from the revolution
  • “If the workers are organized, organized politically and economically, and organized in a way we have to understand not only their immediate conditions, not only their immediate requirements, but understand the great purpose of an organized labor movement, with them to understand the great mass of the working class and what they hav eto perform in this world--then we can have not only a Soviet Russia, but a Soviet government in England, Germany, and a Soviet America as well.”
  • “the Russian Socialist revolution in November, 1917, teaches the workers of the world that great lesson, that solidarity, class consciousness, sacrificial idealism which the Russian workers have manifested in this great work, is not only purely a Russian method, but it is an international method; and if our hearts and minds link together with those Russian comrades and we understand them, then we know what it is up to us to do in this country.”