January 1921 deportations

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The Emma Goldman Papers
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Trying to find all those deported in January 1921. Ludwig Martens and 44 (?) others who worked/associated with him were deported on 22 January 1921.

Martens was the "Soviet Ambassador to the

US, I think

"Ambassador Martens and 44 followers leave America."

Need to find a list of these 44 others. Article mentions that some left voluntarily and some by force. Also says that on the same ship, which was bound for Russia via Sweden, there was a group of people turned away from Ellis Island for being radicals. Are these counted as deportations as well?

Short article, only includes a couple names:

Martens, his wife, and two children, along with his staff

"Gregory Weinstein, Chancellor of the Soviet Bureau, who has been arrested on a deportation warrant"

"Boris Roustam Bek, military adviser of the bureau and a number of other officials and employees."

p. 41-43 lists 34 members of Martens's staff, and records Martens as saying that he had hired more since that list was created. Included below are the names given-- report also contains detailed biographical information.

Ludwig C. A. K Martens, Gregory Weinstein, Santeri Nuorteva, Kenneth Durant, Miss Dorothy Keen, Miss Mary modell, Alexander Coleman, Miss Blanche Abushevitz, Nestor Kuntzevich, Lieut. Col. Boris Leonidovitch Tagueeff RoustamBek, A. Heller, Miss Ella Tuch, Miss Rose Holland, Miss Henrietta Meerowich, Miss Rose Byers, Vladimir Olchovsky, Evans Clark, Mrs. Nora G. Smitheman, Miss Etta Fox, Wilfred R. Humphries, Arthur Adams, William Malissoff, Leo A. Huebsch, D. H. Dubrowsky, Morris Hillquit, Isaac Hourwich, Miss Eva Joffe, Miss Elizabeth Goldstein, Jacob W. Hartmann, Miss Ray Trotsky, Theodor Breslauer, Vasily Ivanoff, David Oldfield, I. Blankenstein,