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Notes for a proposed biographical file on Hippolyte Havel for the years 1917-1919

To begin with :  Paul Avrich "The Modern School pp121-123 and  William Reichert   "Partisans of Freedom"  pp427-432( Avrich the much more reliable)

Also  Heiner Becker's article, in French, in "Itineraire "magazine(1990)

Primary source material to include  Article in New York Times  December 3rd 1917 "City's Bolsheviki Disown All Order" featuring Havel

The Social War Bulletin (Chicago)February-August 1918 featuring writing by Havel

Article in by Havel  "The Social Awakening of China" in 'The Radical Review", April 1918.

Need to look for  material that covers his apparent Chicago arrests in April 1917 and early 1918..Article  in Chicago Tribune confirms his arrest om April 13th for "speaking against the American government"

Did he contribute to the "Anarchist Soviet Bulletin"? No article explicitly by him, but various are written in his style.All articles in the ASB are unsigned.It is , essentially,an illegal publication

Relationship with Provincetown Players during this period?

Need to find what he was charged with at his Chicago arrest.