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International Worker's Defense League

For footnotes and organization directory we need to create chronology of their activity and  their various manifestations.W have various letters and pamphlets which can act as a basis for this.

Need also to check Military Intelligence records

From letterheads: Robert Minor served as secretary-treasurer 1917-1918.In January 1919 Edward Nolan took over the position

The IWDL spent .much of the 1917-1919 period attempting to prove the innocence of Tom Mooney and Warren billings.They published at least two leaflets on the case

"With Mooney in Jail.Equality Before the Law is a Lie', San Francisco 1919  1p

Demonstrated Proof of Frame up  San Franciscom nd 1p

and several pamphlets, including

"Justice and Labor in the Mooney case"   San Francisco, 1917

Robert Minor  "The Frame Up System"   San Francisco, 1917

"The Mooney case From Five Official Records of Five Departments of Government  San Francisco, 1918

( all publications seen in  the Thomas Mooney Papers, Bancroft Library, UC Berkeley)

The IWDL appears to have dissolved sometime in 1919

Sometime during late 1916 a New York Publicity Committee of the IWDL was formed, dealing with the Mooney-Billings case.Anna M. Sloan was Secretary-Treasurer.The publicity committee included

John Sloan

Jessie Ashley

Dr A. L Goldwater

Ida Rauh

Randal Davey

Katherine Leckie

Robert Henri

George Bellows

Harry Weinberger

Anna Stirling


TheIWDL also organised the Chicago Mooney Congress on 14 January 1919.See articles in Chicago Tribune and other papers.They estimate attendance at around 1200.

The League appears to have imploded over tensions at this conference and over the strategy of calling  a national General Strike on 4 July 1919( Letters from Anton Johannsen, Chicago IWDL " manager")

It may well be the case that the New York branch of the IWDL changed it's name in July/August 1917 to the 'New York Publicity Committee for the Alexander Berkman San Francisco Defense"..See history of UHT (United Hebrew Trades for confirmation)