The Los Angeles Times bombing… to suggest when they met?(BP)

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The Los Angeles Times bombing was the purposeful dynamiting of the Los Angeles Times building in Los Angeles, California, on October 1, 1910 by a union member belonging to the International Association of Bridge and Structural Iron Workers. The explosion started a fire which killed 21 newspaper employees and injured 100 more. Termed the "crime of the century" by the Times, John J. ("J.J.") and James B. ("J.B.") McNamara were arrested under suspicious circumstances in April 1911 for the crime. Their trial became a cause célèbre for the American labor movement. J.B. admitted to setting the explosive, was convicted, and sentenced to life in prison. J.J. was sentenced to 10 years in prison for bombing a local iron manufacturing plant, and returned to the Iron Workers union as an organizer.

What exactly was the role played by Anton Johannsen and Olav Tveitmoe as representatives of San Francisco Labor in this bombing?These two are important because they both were friends with EG and AB.(BP)

When did Johannsen and Tveitmoe first meet AB or EG?(BP)

I am guessing that EG met Johannsen in Chicago sometime before 1910.He was already the subject of Hutchin Hapgoods' book  'The Spirit of Labor" and Carl Sandburg's poem "Dynamiter".Is there any documentary evidence to suggest when they met?(BP)