EG and Har Dayal

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EG and Har Dayal


May- A spontaneous outburst of popular discontent shook the British administration in Rawalpindi when seething crowds, reinforced by striking workers marched through the streets - throwing mud and stones at passing Britishers, attacking government offices, cottages of Christian missionaries, British enterprises and commercial establishments. Although the uprising was effectively quelled by a large contingent of British troops who were close at hand, it shook the colonial administration enough to hastily evacuate families of colonial officials and military officers from Punjab, and extend term of the Commander-in-Chief of the British Army, Lord Kitchener. The colonial police and troops were also ruthless in crushing such uprisings in Lahore and Amritsar. Ajit Singh (later joined Gadar Party in SF) and Lala Lajpat Rai were summarily deported to Burma, without trial or right of appeal. Arrests and persecution of other patriots followed, and a state of emergency was declared in a number of Punjab districts.

September- ME reports on the suppression of Ingantar (The New Time) in Calcutta. Editor sentenced to one year hard labor for advocating armed revolution (291).

October- In "Observations and Comments" EG comments on the uprisings in India against British rule (301).


Har Dayal leaves India, explaining that the repressive laws made it difficult to continue political work in the country. Went to Europe and South America.


February-Har Dayal arrives in the U.S. Teaches Indian philosophy at Stanford University. While in U.S. EG meets Dayal during one of her lecture tours in California.


Helps organize the Gadar Party in San Francisco. Served as secretary.


March-Har Dayal arrested by federal agents under the advisement of the British government. Jumps bail. Returns to Europe. Went to Germany to seek support for India's independence.


October- Har Dayal writes AB asking him to send comrades to help in his struggle. States he is working with Dutch anarchist Domela Nieuwenhuis.


May- ME published "Press Censorship in India" by Gadar Party member Ram Chandra.


February 24- Attorney General Gregory makes public letters from Har Dayal trying to show that EG and AB were conspiring with German spies. Letters seized when ME office was raided in June 1917. Gregory exposes letters to squelch radical protests against the imprisonments of EG and AB.