Inglis, Agnes Ann (1870-1952)

Anarchist curator of the Labadie Collection at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor (1924-1952). Initially a socialist and suffragist, she worked at settlement houses, including the Franklin Street Settlement House in Detroit and Graham Taylor’s Commons in Chicago. She met EG perhaps as early as 1912 and organized EG’s meetings in Ann Arbor in November 1915 and at the University of Michigan in 1916. Inglis also organized AB's speaking tour in early 1917 and promised money for BR’s $1000 fine in Cleveland for distributing birth control information. She donated $25.10 for the defense of EG and BR's birth control trials in February 1917. Inglis joined the Detroit chapter of the IWW and posted bail for many local IWW members and Union of Russian Workers arrested in 1917. In January 1919, Inglis organized the Detroit General Amnesty League to protect the alien radicals in the area. Working with the Workers Defense Union in New York, Inglis and the Amnesty League planned a May Day mass meeting in 1919, in conjunction with other groups around the country. She, with the help of other radicals in Detroit, arranged for EG and AB to lecture there in late November 1919, following their release from prison.

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