Lowe, Caroline A., 1874-1933

Socialist activist and civil libertarian lawyer. Lowe began her career as a school teacher in Kansas City, where she was active in the Kansas City Teachers Association, including serving as president of the association for a time. Lowe was a member of the Socialist Party, (she joined around 1903) where she was especially active women's organizations and campaigned for suffrage and women workers' rights. Lowe was an organizer for the Woman's National Committee of the Socialist Party in Kansas in 1908 and was an active and popular speaker for the Socialist party in the regional area. By 1911, Lowe was chair of the Woman's National Committee and general correspondent of the Committee. Lowe was admitted to the bar in 1918 and practiced law form Girard, Kansas. In 1918-1919 Lowe served as Midwestern attorney for the IWW. From April-August 1918, Lowe was one of the lawyers working on the mass IWW trial in Chicago. In January 1919 the IWW national office sent Lowe to New York to assist Carl Recht. There the two worked on the cases of the IWW aliens from Seattle, Washington who were shipped to Ellis Island for deportation in February 1919. She spoke at the 10 February 1919 fundraising dinner of the People's Council on "The Disillusions of Democracy." Other speakers included Carl Recht on "Deportation" and Evan Thomas on "Democracy and Dungeons." She was the author of two pamphlets, The Wage-Earning Woman and the Ballot (Chicago: Socialist Party, ?)and The New Social Structure (Oakland: International Press, 1920).

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