Graham, Marcus (1893-1985)

Born Shmuel Marcus. Romanian born anarchist. Immigrated to the US in 1907. He was active in the radical Library Group in Philadelphia and later lived in Stelton. Graham lived for some time in Toronto, where in 1914 he edited the Yiddish language anarchist paper, Der Eyntsiger [The Unique One]. He fled to Toronto in 1917 to escape deportation, returning to the US in 1919 and editing the militant anti-red scare The Anarchist Soviet Bulletin. The paper criticized Bolshevism while expressing support for the idea of soviets. In April 1919 he was arrested in Paterson, New Jersey with copies of The Anarchist Soviet Bulletin in his suitcase, an illegal act under the 1918 Anti-Sedition Anarchist law and punishable by deportation. He was held first in county jail, and then at Ellis Island, under the pseudonym Robert Parsons before being released on $1,000 bail. While on Ellis Island he helped work on the Ellis Island Weekly, which identified him as Canadian. The government was eventually unable to deport him because they were not able to determine his country of origin.


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