Keeney Plan

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Occupation influences on Librarianship in Japan, 1945-1952
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While serving as Library Officer in the SCAP CIE Section of the Occupation bureaucracy, Philip O. Keeney submitted a brief plan entitled "Unified Library Service for Japan'. Undated, it has a cover memo to Lt. Col. E. H. Farr dated 8 April 1946.

The plan, based on the California County Library System, recommends that prefectures become directly responsible for public library services throughout their jurisdictions with branches wherever needed to reach every resident; that city or town libraries become branches of the prefectural library service; that the directors of prefectural libraries be trained librarians; that prefectural union catalogs and a national union union catalog be maintained; that library service be free; and that prefectures with small populations might combine to form a regional library service.

The Keeney Plan stimulated discussion of library legislation and eventually to the Library Law of 1950 which authorized prefectural libraries and had detailed requirements for librarians to have rather minimal training. It did not mandate library service, provide funding, or make prefectural libraries responsible for providing public library service throughout the prefecture.

Transcript of a photocopy of carbon copy of the Keeney Plan. Differs from text in Urata & Ogawa (1968) only in trivial ways.

pages 433-438 provide a text of the Keeney Plan that differs only in trivial ways with the text in Bancroft Library.