Milton Ferguson’s recommendations for South Africa as antecendent

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Occupation influences on Librarianship in Japan, 1945-1952
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Were Milton Ferguson's recommendations for library service in South Africa an antecedent for Philip Keeney's plan for Japan?

In 1928 Milton J. Ferguson, then California State Librarian, and Septimus Albert Pitt were commissioned by the Carnegie Corporation in New York to survey library services in South Africa and to make recommendations. Their recommendations were presented and discussed at an important conference in Bloemfontein on November 15-17, 1928, with significant consequences. South African library historian Reuben Musiker wrote in 1968: "The modern library movement in South Africa effectively dates from 1928, following the visit of two Carnegie Corporation commissioners (Milton Ferguson and S. A. Pitt . . .”

Ferguson and Pitt submitted separate reports to Carnegie which were published separately but with the same title in 1929.

[More to be added on Ferguson's report].