Cameron, Andrew Carr — Person (Agnes Inglis card #6040)

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Andrew Carr Cameron, Publisher and Proprietor of “Workingman’s Advocate”
Organizer for the National Labor Union, for which the Workingman’s Advocate was the Official Organ: Delegate from the National Labor Union to the 4th Annual Convention of the International Workingmen’s Association in 1869, at Basle
Pres: Grand Eight-Hour League of Chicago and/or the Chicago Trades Assembly.
Ref: Encyclopaiedia of the Social Sciences
Compiled by Edwin R. Beligman, Article by Cara Cook
Workingman’s Advocate and Anti-Monopolist, Chicago
est. 1863 ran from 1864-1877. (Oct.-Oct. No 8: Sept, 1864) Commons Coll. Madison.

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