de Cleyre, Voltairine — Publication (Agnes Inglis card #934)

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V. de C.
Carl Nold Correspondence
letter placed in Eunice Schuster correspondence envelope
letter dated Jan. 8, 1931:
“V de Cleyre stood (Carl Nold writes) mentally above E.G. She did not make as much noise as E.G. did but what she did do was done more thoroughly as a private teacher, in private schools, in writing & speeches. She made a trip to England and got acquainted with Kropotkin & Malatesta.
She was a pupil of Lum & came into the movement through the hanging in Chicago 1887, but developed very fast. A good deal of what E.G. and A. Berkman wrote in later years first went through the hands of V. de C. for approval and correction before it went into print.
E.G. tried to attract her hearers with a base drum. V. de C. did it
[second card]
with a violin.”
Jan. 8, 1931
Carl Nold answering questions of Eunice Schuster.

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