Armand, E. — Publication (Agnes Inglis card #189)

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l’Ere Nouvelle, Revue Mensuelle.
Redaction at Administration, E. Armand, Marie Kugel.
51 rue le Marois, Paris (16e)
later address: 28 rue des Peupliers, Billancourt, Seine, E. Armand.
3me serie (2me vol) No. 33 (10 Fevrier), 1905.
No. 34 (Mars/Avril), 1905.
Gift of Jo Labadie.
3me serie (3me vol) No. 39 (Janvier), 1906.
No. 40 (Fevrier/Mars), 1906.
No. 41 (mi-Avril/15 Mai), 1906.
No. 42 (Juin/Juillet), 1906.
Gift of Steven T. Byington, Nov. 19, 1937

People who wrote for l’Ere Nouvelle, among them:
Edward Carpenter, Peter Kropotkin, Elisee Reclus, Ernest Crosby, Steven T. Byington, H. Zisly, E. Armand, Horace Traubel, Luigi Galleani, Benj. R. Tucker

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