Emma Goldman visits to Detroit, 1897, 1918, and 1934

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Emma Goldman's visits to Detroit in November, 1897, January, 1918, and March, 1934.

According to this handbill, Goldman gave two lectures at Social Turner Hall in Detroit:

January 16, 1918, 8:00 p.m.: "The Truth about the Bolsheviki"

January 17, 1918, 8:00 p.m.: "Women Martyrs of Russia"

The following note accompanies the newspaper clipping:

"March 12, 1934. Monday - Ann Lord came out from Detroit, where she was getting up Emma's meetings, to see about Ann Arbor, wanting to have a meeting in Ann Arbor the 14.! We had a great old visit tho! (Agnes Inglis)"

The note and clipping are on a sheet of letterhead from the "Welcome Home Tour of Emma Goldman." The letterhead includes a list of members of the committee and an address for the tour headquarters in New York City.