Sanger, William to Sanger, Margaret  ALS, Jan. 5, 1914, Reel S1:59, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract WS talks about his painting, hopes MS has arrived safely, and eagerly awaits a letter from her.
Type ALS
Date 01/05/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:66
Rights Public Domain
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Paris — Jan 5 1914

My Sweetheart

I am dead lonesome here dear one — oh just to see you lovely dear dear one. = The days go by - and I make progress but I miss you so that at times - I [???] — but to stay here long - You mean to much to me.

I think of the lovely times we had here together everytime we saw things together those seem heavenly bliss — oh then something we [???] about you

There is a charm all your own — your lovely eyes tell of ages your presence[?] beauty tucked away somewhere in your soul. Oh for a life with you — I envy all that see you — its a sacrifice not to be near you. Do tell me everything loved one — you inspire me — yes. I live [???] for you.

How are our babies — Just so kiss — little miss Juggins — would e just right now. And my Grant boy — tell him I have a letter here to him by little flower pot & these letters are written always in his hand.I am sad about Stuarts going I wish it could [???]. It would have been somewhat [???] — but now its all onesided — I think now it could have been arranged anyhow if Lascari & I go to Brittany for the summer I shall have him come over and stay — its cheap living then.

Alister & I went on & call on Gertrude Stein last Saturday she is quite entertaining — has a decided Hebrew cast — a well modelled face — rather [???] Bryan like High forehead – somewhat short & decidedly stout. Asked her if she intended to go to America replied that she had been thinking of it for the past ten years but [???] gave it up.

Her place is filled with Post Impressionist pictures from Cezanne - I was told about the Artful Dodger & Jack [???] being here can I imagine — so quick that the masses was [???] the same reading always — rather — [???]

Just [???] letter get busy or make it more interesting & exciting for Gertrude — she is very witty & is [???] to baffle you by her little turns & side stepping. Might call on her again — seem to like Hutch [???] good wishes to them but he was still [???] with the Globe –

I have secluded to keep close to the work — the [???] Bay which [???] evenings is [???]. I start the “night scene” next week I shall write to Mary — [???] if she will give me her address. Well loved heart I am anxiously awaiting your letter which could but come before the 12th. Have [???] write me—

Here love always —
Oh you dear dear one

Herbert suggests to send you his Voice of the People instead of the Bataith[?] syndicalists as the former publication has substantially all the news of the daily it comes and [???].

Victor Dan is going to take me in to see his Paris hearth[?] I shall ask him for the lead publications being on the suffrage & sex movement in England

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