William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, ALS, 1–29, 1914, Reel S1:115, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract WS writes a brief letter urging MS to come visit him and hoping that they can tour Europe together.
Type ALS
Date 01/29/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:115
Rights Public Domain
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My Love —

I really think you will be come confused with my different plans. I wrote to youabout but I have been seriously thinking today, after rereading all your letters. It will not be possible — unless I leave town a [???] my work by late spring. Here it is — You come over alone or with Granty — if possible bring him. Have Ethel move in our apartment — put Stuart in a [???] or with [???] — I will our little “Peggsy boo” where will she go thats the trick. Any how here it is. I feel that your trip has been cut short. I want to do Europe alone with you even if you have to leave Granty behind. Can it wait & I would not till say March [???]. There was a party in here today. He likes my [???] very much. I feel encouraged for the new part that they might go any that will be the means to have you come over. And we will make that trip together alone — just you & I. I am serious and this is just between you & I. Just now. but look ahead a little — Europe must be beautiful — the spring & summer — and I do want you to get acquainted with the English movement — perhaps you are not interested.

It would crush me! I cannot express here — all you will understand. If worse comes to worse I ‘d rather return than lose you!

Good night dear heart soul

I love you dearly

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