William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, 2–5, 1914, Reel S1:138, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Discusses people he sees in Paris, books, and the paper that MS is writing, as well as the usual personal notes.
Date 02/05/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:138
Rights Public Domain
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Friday. Feb. 5, 1914

My only Love,

Your two dear sweet letters came one enclosing $50.00 — It was welcome you bet! But it must have been hard for you as Fishel has not come across —

I hope you will have been able to make it until he does pay up — which I think he will —

I sent most of the French works — you wanted by mail after all. As I found that Am. Exp. Co wanted me to declare each one — giving the names of the books — which was impossible. The P. O. dept. does not open ackages marked books especially if they are in French as they are duty Free I hope you’ll get them.

I had [???] write Dr Rutgers Secretary of the Neo Malthusian League to give us a list of his books — & prices on receipt of same will send him a [???] forward same as soon as I get them.

I have written the party in England to get us the works on this subject — she [??? cut off] spoke of.

Victor Dave gave us her address now dear love its great that you are going to start that paper — I am working on the cartoon — Stages seem disinclined to write poetry just now — you know he so [???] — however theres Lamentalle[?] Revoltuionary Poet a real epic poet who could produce [???] real [???] & have Sturges translate it. He (Lamentalle) edits a red sheet called the Red Muse Im going to send on some copies —

Now I think we ought to make the paper have an international character — Im going to work Victor Dan to write a short article and the leading women agitation here you know. I can reach Miss Pankhurst going to try & get her too — You ought to havae the England exchanges — that is all the English sufferget radical & Red Papers to keep — touch — I shall write at once to get them & will forward as soon as I receive them.

When I go to England I can fix things up for you on a permanent basis. However I am going to try & collect as much data as I can & you can select what you want my love sweetheart — my how I [???] like to have a kiss even a peck would do — oh dear!!

Its great for [???]. I wish I could have now to help you [???]! but perhaps I can act as your Paris correspondant how often will the paper come out. It might be well to get a weekly leetter — as tings doing here.

I hope to make the cartoon a good one, I was thinking too that I might also complete that cartoon I [???] some time ago. On women you perhaps might [???] tho me I mean

Your letters are always a great feast with me dear heart I revel in ‘em. It seems when you rebelled against the free lovers — as you put it I wrote that letter No 7-8 the thoughts in this letter sort of corresponded with yours and the incidents grouped across the Havel Affair — Yes dear heart ever since I wrote that letter I have been feeling fine. I feel [???] as I can cook [???] I feel sort of at ease after all its from “within” that one feels strong — we can not make the relation between us — you I desire, yes I live for you I strive for thats all there is to it.

Our babies you will hold [???] it crushes me ever so much to know that next to your dear self uppermost in my thoughts — & you will help to keep this close to me —

Its real [???] that there steam pipes — burning my little peggy — & poor Granty oh she must have suffered. Im so glad [??? cut off] Stuart. When seen to he Pudding [???]. Almost Huckleberry Fin & Tom Sawyer combination. the weather here has [???] & its legacy to look like spring.

I took Mr & Mrs Hawthorne to see Cezanne. Mrs H. was much impressed he not so — Mr H he seems to think that he excelles [???] — his still life & landscapes. — This was last Sat, took Anita over to the Annual reception at the Club saw she enjoyed it very much — must had every dress. Can you see [???] with my brown suit but I didnt care a d– although I will get a dress suit here as they are just 1/2 what they cost in America. I have come to the conclusion [???] be every bit a Revolutionist [???] as to be without one

Im going to get you [???] just as well get all there is on the game. You know dear heart when I [faded/unclear] to help. I will join the salaman[???] or the natural arts.

Mrs Hawthorne wishes to be introduced to you after Sturges & Lascari - who I think will [???] close a note.

Im going to cast the Granty boy this week —

I received your dear letter Its strange you did not receive any [???] for two weeks dear. You know I made every mail since you left. That is 2 mails per week — you will not [???] the first two weeks I know I asked him how you looked — when he left. He said you never looked better for which I was greatly relieved — you know dear heart certain things do annoy you!

I am going to write the kids — here goes

My love — sweetheart. I love you! I am keeping a close watch on the little photo of you taken at 16 or 17? There are certain people here [???] like to “left” it but I have my eye on em

Good night dear sweet one


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