William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, ALS, 2–8, 1914, Reel S1:152, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Discusses his art, artists in Paris, the paper MS is working on, and his feelings.
Type ALS
Date 02/08/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:152
Rights Public Domain
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No letter from you from Saturdays mail. Lascaris girl doesnt write just regular enough to send him so he’s on the warpath these days & pours his troubles on me — Sturges said the other day that if you did not [???] for all in [???] you could come over & find out what the matter was. I just wondered to myself whether you would find it worth while

I saw Victor Dan & went over the matter of the pamphelts in bygone & Neo Malthusian [???] all I sent you he recommunicated there are two works by Dr Lepta, the part Dan gave you an introduction to & [???] hes been in prison recently for propagating neo Malthusian ideas. I will send this together with the ones by Dr Rutgers who I hear matters to.

Have also written to England for George Davendale — who died recently — Miss D has since married another doctor & they publish a monthly —

In a few days I get [???] publication in the [???]

I took up the question with Victor Dan of the new paper. He thinks its a good name and he also thought that you [???] it go.

Inquired on what line you intended to view it. I returned the opinion that you would deal with all phases of [???]. The reason the question came up was because I suggested that he write an article himself & also prevail upon several others here to do the same, [???] Dr Lipta, who I referred to, and a Mrs Pelletier I meet him again next Sunday [???] will call on Miss Pankhurst, if she is still in Paris — pPerhaps she might write something for the opening number. If you are going to work it a [???] dear heart must you have your [???] free? It will keep up [???] light material together —

Have you considered a [???] on better paper & better printing. I have the cartoon under way. I [???] some studies of the [???] also of “La Penseur” and a sketch of the night scene if I can.

Lascari wants me to [???] the “Boy with a lock pick that is [???] that way. but I have decided to let it alone Just as I left a month ago I hold that we must be content to paint with a brush. I took [???] sent Brush & [???] but not for me this accounts for his saying that “very little needs to [???] to complete it” —

The [???] you have home & the one I encouraged at Provincetown I have made a copy of here so much so that Lascari thinks I ought to send it to the [???] in N.Y. I have bought a frame for it also for the other two Dunes & the Marine of Provincetown Bay, which you say. They cost $21.00 but I thought I might just as well have them framed. I sent one on somewhere perhaps they might [???] things a little but to make matters [???].

I am up against the prospect of paying two frames one for the kid and the other for La Penseur (the Thinker) I hope you will be able to [???] Fishel came to as I wont pay for the sketch - 3 - the [???] for the salon sketch [???]. I am working on the (The Thinker) then I will be back again to his night scene.

I told Lascari I would paint the Harlequin before I left Paris, the other day while at Hawthornes studio he asked Lascari what I was doing — told him what he knew of my work also that I was just this having my head full of Harlequins, he asked Hawthorn what the deuced a Harlequin was. He replied that a Harlequin was a man ([???]) who had to a [???] by force of concentration this hits the nail on the head.

Most people dont really consider this natural comic character for this new paint do they? I saw a lot of natural in it both from a color & pschalogical standpoint. How [???] across for you — the spring is out of the quarter now. I suppose I [???]. You will have all you can do to get the paper started & keep it running. But if you dont decide to publish the paper [???] if the kids for say 6 weeks & [???] together — It would be lovely to go it together [???] florious time — Its too sweet to think of it & [???] Sturges says hes going a charge upon [???]. I told him he’s got a swell chance of getting it.

How are you really feeling I hope loved heart that you will loose that depressed feeling you had at Provincetown that was awful —

I feel loved, here — I have elected to sidestep the [???] life here Paris is full of indolent people. Sensuality is rampant — Im all right It slides off me [???] like so many green peas!

But on the whole Paris is a good place for artists. There is a certain spirit here which helps to disclose whts in one. Criticism here is unmerciful if one succeeds to run the gauntlet of the 1000s [???] here — hes right to be a [faded/unclear]. I expect [???] Hawthorne out this week — Now H. for a studio and is working [???] I am glad of & I know [???]. Do you love me? I love you! [???]

I love you dearly & with all the power of my being —

Kiss the kiddies for me — I shall be glad to get there letters

Good night my bed of roses. Sweet dreams. Oh! for a kiss –––––- & Ill be your lover true always


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