William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, ALS, 2–14, 1914, Reel S1:158, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Talks about recent correspondence with Dr. Johannes Rutgers and how the plans for Woman Rebel are coming. Mentions his friend Salvatore Lascari.
Type ALS
Date 02/14/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:158
Rights Public Domain
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Paris — Feb 14 - 1914

[written along left-hand margin] Write to Mrs Hilda Potter Loomis for copies of the Malthusian 2N 23A Chicago Ave Lillian Harman-Eden of the American Journal of Eugenics 1532 Fulton A Chicago Bill


Received your unusually long letter yesterday & enclosure from Sam D[???]. Just wrote Sam not to do anything more with it. those modelled in Newark swiftly backslided in it after we paying 4.00 for the wood frame & delivering carts to them. Had I known that they would fall down in the making of the frame I would have taken the frame with me — They swiftly deprived me of the use of it. Its contemplated. Just wrote [???] to have the [???] people deliver it together with my carts to him. I will call for same on my return at his house or Stuart could run over some fine day & get it —

Wrote to Dr Rutgers. Verhulshaat #9 Den Haag (The Hague) Holland. Translated letter [???] states that he has one book — of his own — published. Genius Russeau[?] but not Freud or [???] will get this German [???]. The title of the book is RASVERBETARING (Race Improvement) Eugenism which beats the question of Neo Malthusianism for all modern points of 279 pages — published by Va Heugal Rothede[?]. I have written Guy J. Aldred who is editory of the Herald of Revolt, #17 Rec[?] Gardens Shepherds Bush London W. Subscribed to his paper for you & will send same on. He is to get me single copies of all Neo Malthusians [???] Radical papers at this writing have not heard from him.

But I have even received from Dr Rutgers himself the address of Mrs Dr Alice Drysdale — Vice President of the Malthusian League in England for her husbands book also. Mentioning Victor Dave who knows her, whether she would write an article for the opening number of the Woman Rebel. Dave thinks she will be glad to do it.

You remember Samuels don’t you of the F[???] — met him in a Restaurant yesterday. He goes to Sudan shortly [???]. I cant do by mail I have arranged with him to fix things up — I am particularly anxious that you get the Exchanges in all the English Radical & Revolutionary papers. that is you to send on the Woman Rebel & they will exchange theirs. This will keep you in touch with the movement in England, the same [???] for France & Germany. Samuels tells me the [???] intends to have exchanges of all mint of the radical papers here —

I have given the question of the weekly issue of the paper a great deal of thought I [???] of think that the work on getting out a weekly paper now would be too much for you. Why not a semi monthly — this would insure the cooperation of regular correspondents who would be willing to contribute. This will give the paper some class. Especially if the contributors came from England, France, Germany. Or do you want to make it in the same lines as social way. This would mean that you would if necessary have to rehash a lot of articles from other papers.

I would like to see the paper have distinction — if your name is to be associated with it as Edith. I will be glad to see it rise than flare up so to speak but a paper that fills a want & fills it well.

Perhaps a monthly with good illustrations good paper something on the order of the The Forerunner of course not the [???] stuff — but of the same [???] as regards lettering etc

I do really wish I was there with you I consider the [???] so important in your life dear heart that I would if [???] do most anything to help to get it started. I will be great work.

To go back to the Night Scene is so [???] drawn that it would be fine if it could be done so that it would provide a [???] for a letter while at least after a little while I think could forward it for you if it did not just go at first. Do tell me what you want me to do — I will make my arrangements accordingly. —

Read Lascari you [???] of his work — started that he heard that “Brush influence” before for practicing the same source — so you are wonderfully impressed — thats good — return you to the work you saw cast on M[???] just $6000 to date. to keep Lascari working that is he is helped that sum to date. by me who thinks he is a [???] painter — Brush — got for the same source to the tune of $12000.00 from that! With all their framing I dont consider they can teach me a d—n thing. I [???] in debt to any one for my “art education” If the cards are not stacked up too much against me I intend to come thru — the same time.

I [???] 50.00 it looks fine!

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