William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, ALS, 2–14, 1914, Reel S1:163, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Apologizes for the tone of his letter written earlier the same day -- he has just received word that MS is not doing well. He offers to come home but offers ample reasons why he shouldn't. More discussion of Woman Rebel and the contacts that WS is making throughout Europe who can assist with the paper's publication.
Type ALS
Date 02/14/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:163
Rights Public Domain
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Paris Feb 14 - 14

My own Precious Love

Your dear sweet note arrived yesterday Sunday (Your letter of Feb 5), when I read it I felt so remorseful for sending that letter just previous but dear soul I was struck to the marrow when I wrote it here alone. I feel isolated — I know that you [???] not feeling well, the fact that I was here & could not just fly to to you was at times untenable — the ocean is wide — & its no easy jump — this being so far away. One must bear it but be content — But you will understand — and forgive those perhaps few unkind thoughts. Yes you will understand — dear one I do hope this letter will not intensify your present condition —

Dear Heart [??]! Who can help you. If seclusion any place — dear old North Creek say will do you any good let me know I will gladly return at once — so that you may get back to your old form again. You know I will make any sacrifice for you — how you must send if tell just what can be done — Its hard — I know — I felt so uneasy after reading your last letters oh dear me dont think of [???] again, I have been picturing a cablegram arriving any minute — You may [???] at this — but I know just how you feel — Now sweetheart do read this & write what you want me to do — I have been thinking & figuring it out today —

My studio lease ends April 11 I intend to vacate — giving the city a months notice March 11 —

The [???] close about that time I send both the Granty boy & “Le Penseur” to the Sudan — after that I put the final touch to the Night Parade and “The Harlequin” this will bring me up to Apr 1st. Now do you want me to come back just after the Salon [???] or stay & finish the last two mentioned — then sending both to Madrid — to Rome — Florence — then to the Netherlands [???] & home. If I make the trip I do want to paint Kropotkies portrait either at Brodegera where he is now or at Brighton. Victor Dave will write to Brodegera asking the old man whether he will give me a few sittings in Italy or in England. It would be fine if I came away with Kropotkies portrait — for lots of reasons — and as he is getting feeble I must take this trip if at all — But if your condition is such dear (you will be frank!) that you desire me to return I will come of course. The entries & the Kropotkies portrait are the only things that keep me here & from you.

I sort of figured it out today that my 600.00 wont last long — & I must return — — that the 1st of May is as long as I could stay even if you desired me to stay longer figuring upon household expense - etc.

Nursing is out of the question for you now — now that you have elected to write or prepare the small book — and get up the new papers.

The poor of London [???]. I hear so much of them! - I do want to make a number of studies of them — to be used for future work — then I must surely [???] studies of the miners here for the Mining Scene but over and above all your physical & mental conditions give me the most concern loved heart — I’ll sweep everything aside if you can not — will dear one you will understand — I just love you so dearly! A few weeks now or less wont make any difference were going to be just true to ourselves & to each other — aren’t we!

Spent the afternoon (Sunday) & evening with Victor Dave. Samuels joined us in the evening I went over the ground with Dave about the paper & asked him his opinion about whether it should be a weekly semi weekly or monthly — he said he would have it a monthly or weekly in the order of The Herald of Revolt which I sent you to which I agreed as well — although it could be made a semi weekly — He gave me a letter to Dr Liptay who I am sure will write for the paper Madame Pelletier is hard to find as well try to write again. She was a suffreget paper heir.

You will get the Exchange of the all of the French radical papers here — Victor Dave has arranged to have the paper he is connected with sent to you. You will arrange to send the Woman Rebel in exchange.

That Book of Rutgers has arrived as yet it [???]

Have not heard from Dr Drysdale Vickery [???] I have asked her on your behalf to write a special article for the paper also sent her your book explaning in the letter that owing to you not of hurried departures to arrive your [???] it impossible to see her personally. Dr Alice Drysdale Vickery is the widow (or was) of Dr Drysdale who wrote that book in English on Neo Malthusianism. She’s also President of the Malthusian League of England as soon as I get her letter I will forward at once — and you will then take up the correspondence yourself I think this will be the better way. When I go to London I will try & have contribute sort of regularly This will be fine — It will surely give the paper an international character — & Dave thinks that my being here I should arrange regular correspondents for you — if I can get into Germany without being cooped for the army! I’ll make the same arrangements with certain papers of the same sort who will contribute I am sure. In fact — wherever I go in this trip I shall arrange these correspondents for you. If you desire this — of course it would be better if you were here with me! — Oh how sweet that would be! But I speak only on your behalf understand this is your work — and I shall want to feel that I am only supporting you & the paper — of course I feel as keen about the paper as you do dear one but you will understand. I have written for the (Free Woman.) England you will get it shortly too.

Do you intend to have illustrations for the “little book” — if you do — you know I want to make them for you dear — even if you have to hold the book until my return. If you are going to have them let me know by return mail. Its possible that I will be able to get them out before I leave — tell me the subjects - method — you will publish the book yourself & [???] yourself I hope you will.

You say that you will get the paper out by the middle of March — now dear I dont want to suggest anything that might make you feel that I pamper you in your work but to get the material together for a [???] especially if you are going to make it a monthly or even a semi monthly will take longer. & this its possible I may be home then — Id like to [???] of the 1st number & all other numbers!

I am preparing a series of castings & they go by next mail — arriving about March 1st. Victor Daves article will be in French & goes next Friday — he will have to translate doesnt think much of Sturgis’ French!

So Peggy rocks & rocks her drills oh the little dear I can just see her! Her [???] & Granty Boy. - he did write a sweet letter to [???]. I am going to write to both. Glad to hear Stuarts doing fine & is a companion to you. Its quite a releaf to hear that he has “come to” again

Yes the [???] must be [???] according to the [???]

Saw Hawthorne this evening — he is worried it seems hasnt sold any pictures says nobody is selling any — is coming down to see my idea of his work —

I have decided as the [???] depression is such to not seem the [???] that may then with me with the other work

Dont get discouraged dear you have a beautiful useful life before you you have made good — [???] your book & I promised him one as he gave the only copy he had to a [???] here in Paris — who [???] I told Samuels this is the one copy I could spare — as I want the other to take to England with me — Hawthorn spied the title & was very much interested — Samuels pepped out “Yes thats the book that stirred New York” — I maintained to Samuels that perhaps he might to attend to a few things then — for him & you. In regard to [???] Radical papers. & he ssaid he could consider it a privelege to do this for your behalf — so this is the spirit dear that the world extends to you! You havent the right to loose heart when you can give much!

The old days oh the old days! Oh you will not loose heart dont loose heart you will be the same Peggy You must right yourself. This is cruel the way I put it, just go down to [???] Even if you have to pay anything — just you [???] — as yourself first — he knows perhaps you know & you wont tell! I do wish I could help —

My fire is out — Its so lovely — Oh if I could only warm your footsies! in the same old way!

I just adore you & love you always always always!

A whisper — a love & a kiss

Good night!

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