William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, ALS, Feb. 15, 1914, Reel S1:173, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Discusses his artwork, an art catalog that MS has sent, and MS' possible plan to come to France to meet him before they both return home.
Type ALS
Date 02/15/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:173
Rights Public Domain
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Feb 15 - 1914

My sweetheart —

Just received your M[ellier?] catalogs & [???] catalogues you are so dear to send them.

How strange some things that happen — you know. I never saw any of M[ellier?]s work until we both saw his Doek hand — Antwerp which we both liked - oh that was a [???]. How we both agreed it was great!

You are right then — M[ellier?] is [???] are resigned & such [???] to their lot. He has got that tincture of Christian Reserrection left in him. This [???] rebellious — although his Doek hand at Antwerp is almost so. This early monastry having left his work on his work — but on the whole his work is big & epoch making — Its really curious — I repeat that Doek hand we saw at Antwerp is the first M[???] I saw — but on looking thro’ the catalogue I noted a resemblance to my Le Penseur. I put the leather apron on him & holding a sledge hammer entirely unconscious that the [???] is similar to M[???] — but Im no plagarist or copyist. & when you see my thinker you will judge & tell me frankly whether my worker is resigned — yes — I dont feel recognition — its not — me. I tried to do that night scene just as we saw it that night with its little twinkly Japanese lanterns & its trucks & its floats. Alas P. with Gerber as grand [???] — and I did make sketches along those lines — but it did not please me — it could not go thats all. Some how I felt the scourging multitude — the Deluge of Humanity the oppressed & the Disinherited — its spirit could not be stilled — Oh I have painted the Avalanche at night thats all you will see & understand — so the cycle goes. Takes resigned & submissive (M[???]) (Labor Thinking) (     ) Labor Revolutionary (   ) — This is the Evolution of it. & will force the cycle which will redeem modern art for the drawing when the “connesuer” the “art patron” — by especially the submerged that work — the Epic relation is yet to be expressed. M[???] had seen this a glymse of it. But it is yet to be! I feel a keen enjoyment that you are attending the exhibition — its fine — you like the Schumacher exhibit. That portrait he had — catalogue looked good. [???} I to — although it was only a half time —

Theres something going on inside of Lascari — If hes not dead[?] in two years time it will not by by fault. I keep telling him that I like the square jawed men better that all the saints — he seems to see only oral types — according to classic Rules of proportion. That Greek Ideal has spoiled so many artists if they could only forget it —

Do you really think you could come over just to make this trip together! — it could not be so much — you could manage to take care of the kiddies — six weeks together — oh waht bliss — do consider it seriously — do now. & read this seriously.

Loved heart — I kiss you. Just the same old way. I love you dearly. Yes I do!

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