William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, ALS, 2–20, 1914, Reel S1:177, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Discusses the paper which MS is editing, and an out-of-print book by Dr. Drysdale that WS sent to his wife previously.
Type ALS
Date 02/20/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:177
Rights Public Domain
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Feb 20 - 1914

Dear Heart

I was so glad to get your letter today after that blue one — all day yesterday was was thinking what you would do with the paper, whether you would give it up or not. I was puzzled to find out what to tell Victor Dave next Sunday — it was perplexing. Then all the people I had written to to write their articles they would have to be called off — but your worst [???] came at the right time (they always are at the right time) — and I felt happier today than a [???].

Your letter [???] like of old — yes I am dear anxious to see the first copy — By the way dear I am working from cartoons but I cant get them ready before the 26th that you cant figure on them before the 4th of March. This will be in time [???] I dont think the people here can get their articles ready before.

I have had Stanges[?] write to a German & Swedish source relative to the paper. Dr Helena Stocker Sentastrasse #5 Berlin-Freedeman Dr. Frida Sterichoff Oskanhamm Sweden. Also to Mr. George Standring. 7-9 [???] St. London S.C. for literature [???] its process of getting the suffragite English papers will naalyze for the [???] after — & will send same on.

Few you saw dear heart — want to back the paper. I assume they are women that so far have sacrificed their willingness to read it. By all means the women want back of it — Indeed most all I should say. I wish I were there with you to help with it — I spose some other man ([???]) is helping you this is unkind — But try & wait for the Eastons they may help when you see them.

Dr Drysdale book which I sent you is out of print. This book they say is quite valuable & its only by chance that the party [???] for one you know Dr Drysdale could not publish under her own name but under the caption of “by a physician” it may help you its the one large book published on Malthusian popular. [???] made on rework a bit of it. Had first stopped on it for the day [???]. However went “close up” to it & [???] to know — to see feel the “quality” something some part the part was wet [???]. I told her frankly that I could have made it a saint[?] the red sea, but I preferred to symbolize Labor, thinking — propaganda or not cut [???] ice! However Im not going to send the Dimes to the dealer — Its easy to become known as a Landscape painter & I dont want to open with a Landscape. Im curious how they will take the “Le Penseur” for various parts however the Granty Boy will always be popular — Its humor — Not at all. Got a letter from [???] shes just as enthusiastic as ever — Havent you seen her —

So my little Sweeteheart was glad to get the [faded] How I do miss him the little dear we were such good bed fellows too even if there was an accident at night & a little scolding in the morning — oh dear to look back [???].

Mark Ivan[?] was right when he saw that real humer comes from things that seem to be serious at the time —

Do consider that little trip even if you have to leave Granty home as much as I love the little dear. I miss those socks — her little chair little Peggy love — oh I cant stay away much longer — as soon I put the family [???] in the Kropotkies — Italy. I make for home the fast time — [???] my dear. I just want to keep it quiet about Kropotkies portrait until I got it — its better you do although I did tell Samuels because I thought he would go to England & see him but I found old Peter is in Italy.

Just get this off in tonights mail. so good night Loved heart that little Soshe boy you gave me I put in the pocket of one of the [???] shirts right next to my heart — forgot to take it out & the laundry lost it — oh for one just like it — which you have worn under your armpit — Just send me something.

I have put the little photo away you at 16 — Im afraid the light will fade it.

Love & a big big kiss

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