William Sanger to Margaret Sanger, ALS, 2–25, 1914, Reel S1:183, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author William Sanger
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Includes a mention of Robert Minor, "late cartoonist to World," who recently got out of six years in a German prison for high treason.
Type ALS
Date 02/25/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel S1:183
Rights Public Domain
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My sweetheart!

Today I received your dear sweet letter quite unexpected for you wrote me that you were busy — and that your dear dear words would not come to me regular. You know dear heart I always live in your letters when we are away — thats all I have to look forward too of you — your handwriting fascinates me there is something of the unexpected in it. So womanly & big — just like the distance between your eyes. —

Im glad your getting around more — I should think that Berkman is just a fine fellow isnt he — he always looks big to me. I wish they were all like him — but alas the few are [???] in his [???].

That was a f[???] letter of Mylius going on Horseback with the platonic strong attachment we know where Plato [???] dear!

So “Art” is the Parlor with its present Rendevous at Madame Bodge if Art doesnt get out quicklike — it will share the same fate with all the “Revolutions” that have swept over the movement in New York. However I [???] agree with our friend that [???] is not necessarily best in art production his not for its promise end the creation of things harmonious Rythmatic — just for the sake of an outward phase of the Heartful — but is essentially the expression of ones self — ones individuality in ones own time & generation, what is Revolution today is Conservatism tomorrow. Every true Artist is essentially always a Revolutionist — Self expression is always Revolutionary when viewed as its proper relation & therefore depicts expressions, the seemingly ugly uncaring whether it is to be submerged by London — the Dwarfs, or the P[???] — its just a matter of one being able to put there personality in their work.

Once we can take the stranglehold of tradition & past eras of beauty from modern art — the real expression will become worse, diffused.

There is a tragic grandeur in the ugly and great aritsts have gotten away with it. it appeals to buy few — and understood by but few. Therefore it has its own sublime isolation so to close art for arts sake is passe!

So my little Peggy Lou says she has [???] oh dear how I would like to have heard the little darling but it makes me [???] however it shows that she hasnt forgotten her Fader has she. She seems to swell [???] already. Samuels says one time at the [???] school she made herself not only felt but heard —

It is cold in N Y the papers here all talk of it. Snows knee deep [???]. My poor Peggy do you sit on the radiator you know dear you & cold weather never did quite agree & sort of a “tempramental incombatability” — those last two words are samples of good grammar as far as bought as concerned.

Im waiting for that dear little Valentine from Angel Boy. Oh dear I cant look at the medal — but that I wish he were here — oh it goes down deep — believe me! but the letter love is well — you dear heart will look out.

You say nothing of Stuart what is he doing & how is he getting on — between [???] & Dad I spose Ill have to take a back sweat.

Met Robert Minor here (late cartoonist in to World) is a nice fellow & more secretive than Samuels rather broad & the making of an able man. We went out to Victor Daves last Sunday night & had dinner with the Sage of Montrouge — Had a fine evening finally ending up with his discription of his 6 years reform in a German Prison for High treason it was very illuminating — Im going to see the [???]. Every Sunday night I know. He is very keen on your paper Just [???] a lot of things — but to delay the artists but promised to write it this work — will send it on at same [???] that opening artist for Dave  the paper would be fine.

We agreed finally that the paper ought to be called the the Rebel Woman not the Woman Rebel [???]. The [???] paper for the [???] I sent as per enclosed later except Dr Drysdales book which I have sent, you will get this shortly as it goes off next mail — It took me quite some time to find out how the sex stuff was [???] in England. Have received a lot of other pamphlets for Guy Aldred that goes bought.

The paper edited by Dora Marsden has been changed to the Egoist. It carries out some [???]. Have sent on a copy you will have to judge whether you want to subscribe to it, I [???] so you had better answer it for your end. dear heart. Write her personally — for a contribution to the Rebel Woman. Or you might exchange articles & the papers thereby getting the Egoist free –

I have been [???] close [???] I walk by our breakfasts & lunch & go out to dinner — one good meal — at night. so I have left things down by leaving awaits to hit 1.60 Its hard to keep prim in one sort of clothes but it cant be otherwise just now, materials & frames cost so much here — but thats money well spent altogether in raising about $500.00 per year including the last two items.

I feel you are more comfortable now your last two letters have the same old ring to it. Do keep that new found enthusiasm loved heart I shall help you get all the stuff that can be gotten on this side for your Rebel Woman what is mine too —

Heres a love kiss — I just like to stroke your lovely forehead — I love you so!

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