George Winslow Plummer to Margaret Sanger, TLS, 4–20, 1914, Reel 1 :242, Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College.

Item Type Letter
Author George Winslow Plummer
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Discusses an acquaintance, Mrs. Edgren, to whom Sanger was introduced by Plummer.
Type TLS
Date 04/20/1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Sophia Smith Collection, Smith College
Loc. in Archive Reel 1 :242
Rights Public Domain
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Dear Margaret Sanger:-

I like your very fraternal form of address, so you see I’ve adopted it.

You have absolutely nothing to thank me for, by way of the long distance introduction to Mrs. Edgren. It seemd only right and natural that you two good brilliant people should get together, and I’m quite deighted [sic] that you find each other congenial.

I have already judged Mrs. Edgren to be all you say from a very interesting correspondence with her. You are the most fortunate of us two, for you have had the pleasure of meeting her.

I have’nt had that pleasure as yet, and to tell the truth I guess I’m sort of a coward about it. I feel toward her much as did in regard to you as I sat at the table and listened hard to the discussion that raged for a while. [Handwritten addendum to end of line] (No man likes to show his ignorance too plainly)

It seemed all the time, how fine it must be to have such distinct ideas and to be really doing something and “putting it across” in good shape. I learned a lot that evening, and I’ve been learning a lot from Mrs. Edgren. She has absolutely nothing to thank me for. If she knew the facts, I have been the real pupil, for she has given me a new outlook on many things.

Sometimes it seems a chimera to think of trying to absorb the vast amount there is for us to contemplate and act upon. Many times I’ve thot I had a strangle hold on some phase of truth, only to see it vanish in thin air, so that now I realize that after all, I’mm still in the world’s kindergarten and I’m learning from all you good folks.

I look forward to June as the close of a more than ordinarily active season, and I’m promising myself the selfish pleasure of enjoying a lot of your delightfully democratic companionship, if you will allow, and I’ve already threatened to inflict myself upon Mrs Edgren.

I wont torture you longer, but close with kindest regards,

Fraternally yours,

Geo. W. Plummer [signed]
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