Alvin Heckethorn to Margaret Sanger, TLS, August 11, 1914, Reel 8, Frame 1029, Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress Microfilm.

Item Type Letter
Author Alvin Heckethorn
Recipient Margaret Sanger
Abstract Heckethorn shares further thoughts on his manuscript, which he has sent Sanger, and hopes that she will take the time to read it and assist him in publishing/distributing it.
Type TLS
Date Aug. 11, 1914
Language English
Archive Margaret Sanger Papers, Library of Congress Microfilm
Loc. in Archive Reel 8, Frame 1029
Rights Public Domain
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211 I-2 Second St., Portland, Or., Aug. 11, 1914.

Margaret H. Sanger,
34 Post St., N.Y.

Dear Comrade:-

Your kind favor of Aug. 6, at hand, am extremely sorry to hear that the Postal authorities are still hounding you. Let me caution you again to so word your articles in your valuable paper that the authorities can not “cage” you. I have known so many noble characters whom the Comstock regime have hounded out of the printing business that I know what you are up against. In my MS I tried to sail as near the borderland of the prohibited as possible, and I am not real sure but even then I may have overstepped it in one or two places, but if a publisher fears any part of it on that account I shall gladly change its construction so it will be permitted to the mails, or make it yet stronger and sell it by lectures and as a scientific work, but at first I think it should be made mild enough to be admitted to the mails so it can have a more rapid distribution than it could otherwise secure.

Since sending you the MS I have read an article by Arabella Kenealy, in the “Nineteenth Century and After,” for July, 1914, entitled, “Is Man an Electrical Organism,” which I am very desirous you shall read before you form a conclusion on my hypotheses concerning the valency of the sexes. True, she puts too much stress upon the electrical mechanism of man to the entire exclusion of the psycho-chemical phenomena, but then she was writing to prove her electrical premesis and should be forgiven for that. The reason I suggested it might be well for you to submit the MS to some liberal scientists was because it has only been very recently that man has been admitted as being an electro-chemical-mechanical organism, and in fact a good many conservative scientists doubt it yet, but it is a fact just the same.

I heard Emma Goldman talk, last night upon the “Conflict of the Sexes,” and I was extremely disappointed in her talk. She positively put all the blame upon the woman for the conflict in the home. She has no conception of the scientific analysis of “love.” She is still catering to the old idea that it is just a metaphysical something that no one can understand, but that it is woman’s duty to not only submit to but to enjoy regardless of an “Ideal Mate.” and as for the chemical and electrical attraction and repulsion, she knows nothing on earth about it and apparently cares less.

Now, again, please let me beg of you to take your own time in reading and studying my MS, for I know it contains the basic elements of a possible regeneration of the race, and that too without a revolution [written below crossed-out typed text] but fogged the [illegible], that could money be raised to finance a moving picture proposition I could get up a set of films that would do more to educate the masses, especially the young, in whose minds and loins lie the possibilities of the uplift of the race, in six months than any book could do in ten years, but I have no business ability, not even enough to know how to make my bread and butter, so I can not interest capital in this scheme, but there is a fortune as well as a great moral in that field.

I do hope you can find some way to get the MS before women, and should you do so, I should now wish to add some comments concerning the great European conflict.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Alvin Heckethorn [signed]
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