“‘Woman Rebel’ by Express,” The Washington Post (Washington D.C., April 5, 1914).

Item Type Newspaper Article
Title "Woman Rebel" by Express
Publication The Washington Post
Place Washington D.C.
Date Apr. 5, 1914
Pages 8
Language English

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“Woman Rebel” By Express: Mrs. Sanger Defies Postoffice Taboo on Her Newspaper
Special to the Washington Post

New York, April 4. — The Woman Rebel, a newspaper for women, edited by Mrs. Margaret Sanger, will be distributed by express, the postal authorities having forbidden its passage through the mails.

Mrs. Sanger declared today that she would continue to express her views in the paper if she were sent to jail for it. “The Woman Rebel,” she has said, “has a high-class clientele.

“The newspaper is designed for all free thinkers and to discuss the problem with absolute frankness,” she added.

One of the theories of the editor is that large families among the poor are responsible for many of the present day evils.
Created by Robin Pokorski .
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