Minutes of Meeting of Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood, Apr. 28, 1952 [MSM S37:267]

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Minutes of Meeting in NY Memorandum

April 28, 1952

To: Mrs. Sanger

From: William Vogt

This memorandum will serve as an informal minute of a meeting held this morning with you, Dr. Stone, Mrs. Brush, and Mrs. Cadbury.

We agreed:

  1. That we are to recognize that the Bombay Conference is an international congress, of the International Planned Parenthood Committee, that is being run by the Indian Family Planning Association as hosts.
  2. The official invitations are to be issued by London, in case of countries having their own family planning groups on nomination from the groups in those countries. The national committees will suggest people who, even though they shall be unable to attend, shall be invited to send papers.
  3. In order that people may begin planning for the meeting if they are able to go, the American Committee, shall send unofficial invitations to a restricted list apprising them that official invitations are on the way.
  4. Invitations are to go out on special stationary of the International Conference.

Our suggested agenda is to be sent to the London office.

The question of using the special funds granted to the PPFA by the Rockefeller Fund was discussed, and the only people it was definitely decided should go to India on these funds were Dr. Blacker and Mr. Whelpton. {handwritten not maybe by Sanger reads “Mrs. Houghton”]  An inquiry is to be addressed to Mrs. Watumull or Lady Rama Rau as to whether or not maintenance funds could be provided for Mrs. Houghton in India, provided she comes on ahead to help in organization. In this case, the Planned Parenthood grant will be used to pay her round trip expenses.

An unofficial invitation is to be sent to Mrs. Ottesen-Jensen and if she replies that she is unable to finance her own trip, an offer of partial coverage  of her expenses is to be made from the fund. Other people suggested to receive grants were Julian Huxley and Sir Alexander Carr-Saunders.

At the [present time it appears that the following are probably going to the conference from the United States, without recourse to the Planned Parenthood special fund: Mrs. Sanger, Mrs. Brush, Mrs. Otis, Dr. Stone, Mrs. Julia Brown, Mrs. Pillsbury, Mr. Vogt, Dr. Gamble, Mrs. Anne Kennedy, Mrs. Raymond Ingersoll, Mrs. Watumull and probably some one from the Brush Foundation. It is also thought likely that General Frederick Osborn and Dr. Hartmann will go.

It was suggested that invitations to attend be sent to Dr. Balfour of the Rockefeller Foundation; Dr. Bessie Moses, Medical Arts Building, Baltimore, Md.; Mr. Kingsley Davis of Columbia University; Dr. Frank Notestein of Princeton, N.J.; Dr. Lena Levine; Dr. Rice-Wray, Comisionado de Salud, Arecibo, Puerto Rico; and a Mr. Alfred Sauvy of France.

It was further suggested that invitations to prepare papers, whether or not they could be able to attend, be sent to Dr. Lotte Fink (whose address can be secured from Dr. Stone), Dr. Wilkinson of the Bermuda Public Health Service who should be invited to do a paper on the public health aspects of family planning, and Mr. H. de Meel, the Australian National University, Box 4, G.P.O., Canberra, A.C.T., Australia.

It was also suggested that Dr. Hannah Peters, a friend of Dr. Stone’s who is now in Bombay, be contacted to make sure that she is in touch with Lady Rama Rau as well as Miss Evelyn Hersey who is a social work attache of the American Embassy in Delhi. [handwritten note by MS above Hersey says “ask Lady Rama Rau”]

It was also suggested to recommend to the London office that in programming the conference one evening at least be devoted to films and that delegates from all countries be asked to bring with them contraceptive materials for an exhibit. If the latter is done, the Indian Committee should be prepared to receive this material and assemble it on a very short notice.


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