Vijaya Pandit and Birth Control in India, 1950s

The Margaret Sanger Papers
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Sanger reached out to Pandit fairly early on to get support for the Third International Birth Control Conference.

Would like to meet her in Washington when MS is there in June. “I want to talk to you about the possible  Conference in India. Some of us think that India would be a most fertile field to spread knowledge and the idea of birth control through the Orient. We want to have an International Population and Family Planning Conference lasting four days at least. The Watumull Foundation of Los Angeles is interested. Mrs. Watumull has recently visited India and reports a good interest among all classes of people. Lady Rama Rau of Bombay heads the Clinics there and we hope she will cooperate to organize such a Conference. There may be other important or influential people we should get in touch with.” Notes that her nephew recently dined with the Watumulls and thinks it a good idea. Hopes that she is well and pays no mind to the “negative and disturbing behavior of our Congressional leaders concerning food to India.” She and other have petitoned their Senators and hopes it helped.