Indian views on Birth control, 1950s

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The Margaret Sanger Papers
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India hosted the Third International Conference on Planned Parenthood.

"There is very little opposition to contraception from religious point of view in this country. The small catholic christian community, of course, is dead against it. But their influence in the moulding of progressive thought in this country is negligible.  Contraception is widely practised by the educated section in India. There are quite a good number of monthly magazines in regional languages that deal exclusively with Sex: they regularly write about contraception. But still we lack expert knowledge about safe, easy & sure method of controlling birth at will. India is a poor country. So the method used must be cheap and the manipulation must be easy and simple. Many a medical man here condemn the practice as unhealthy; we must have scientific data as well as theoretical explanation to prove that when a recommended method is used it is not harmful."

Though there are relatively few birth control Clinics in the big cities, we don't have any fertility service in this country. I think that service is as important as the other, if we consider the aspect of family life."