PPFA and the IPPF

The Margaret Sanger Papers
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Relations between the two.

Sanger notes that she is going to see David Rosensteil in a few days and plans to ask for help "for some of the scientists for some of the work going on in India for the International." She also notes that she wrote to Georgea Furst of the Duke Foundation. "It was through my friendship with Doris that they have contributed to the P.P. Federation, and when I wrote to her in reply to her letter to me asking about Internaitonal, I suggested a contribution toward the English movement to go through the Federation, but in not way to detract from the contribution to the Federation's work in the field for colored people." Talks about Furst's interest in International on her own, aside from her job at Duke.

"I feel rather anxious about the headquarters in London. Also could you tell me who you are considering from America to invite to go to India. I think Blacker might be consulted as to the two or three people from London, and inthe Cheltenham Report you will find the names of the Doctors from Germany that anyone of them would represent the movement there, except Dr. Durand-Weber, who is quite deaf and not to strong, and I think would be a good person, whose advice should be sought in the selections of the representatives of Germany. All this, of course, depends upon the amount of money that can be obtained."

Notes that the world population problem is obvious, not going away by itself, and soon reaching catastrophic proportions. Non-governmental approach will be most effective and he sees a desire among most people for family planning.

Calls the Third ICPP "one of the most promising opportunities" initiated by the Indians and effective all through southeast Asia, a place where population is particularly growing; timed well close to the Social Work conference.

"The value of holding this conference will be considerably reduced unless there is an adequate representation from the West, especially the United States, since much of the people to people cooperation must be developed between these areas."  Financial help will be critical to securing a large enough delegation from the U.S. and they hope that the RBF will be willing to help. Notes they will be sending Vogt, Sanger and Pillsbury with donations from other sources. Want a varied group of scientists who can attack problem from different perspectives. Asks for $12,090 to pay fares and board for 6 scientists.  Also seeks funding for 2 British, 1 Swedish, and 1 German delegates at cost of $5,325. $17,415 total request.   This is a "very generous additiona gift" they ask for,

"I have prepared a project for the Rockefeller Brothers Fund on the Bombay Conference and have asked my secretary to send a copy of it to you. Since it requests funds for eleven people it will give us a little leeway; I did not include it in a request for funds to send you, Mrs. Pillsbury, or me to India since I feel there will be a chance of getting this support elsewhere and I know that the Rockefeller people are much more likely to give us money if they know that they are not carrying the entire burden alone."

Also notes that they hope that this request won't "prejudice our chances of securing aid for the International Planned Parenthood Committee nor jeopardize the continuing support that has been so helpful in carrying out the regular program of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America."