Pillay, Aliyappin Padmanabha (AP) (1889-1956)

Indian eugenicist and birth control activist, honorary director of the Sholapur Eugenics Society, editor of Marriage Hygiene.


"Dr. Pillay is giving up his office & Marr. Hyg. and is talking of staring a nursing home to repair his fortunes. That means he is lost to the B.C. movement except indirectly. That is a bad blow and I am anxious to consult with Lady Jehangir, Miss Khandvala,  and others to save as much as we can from Dr. P's retirement."

Says that Miss Wadia is in London and when she gets back to Bombay "will be a great help in keeping the B.B. clinics on the right lines."

How-Martyn is establishing an office for the All-India Population and Family Hygiene Conference to be held April 16-19, 1938; Pillay gets all the correspondence.

How-Martyn notes that a Prof. Shaw, who she and MS met in India (1935-36) wants to advertise. She says that the meeting with MS and her has encouraged Shaw who has been using their names ever since. Says that Pillay "has no good to say of him saying he is an abortionist.)" How-Martyn  thought he was doing good work and didn't tell him not to use their names, but is sending his literature to MS for her to decide.

Says there are still undernourished people everywhere she looks. "If the whole movement were left in Pillay's  hands it would take hundreds of years for the attendances  at the clinic are from 6 to 10 a week! Now Pillay is 20 miles out of Bombay & here for a few hours a day when he sees patients it is urgent what others shd. take up the work."

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