Sanger, Margaret, 1879-1966-travels in India

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"Great interest has been shown in the meetings on Birth Control which Mrs. Margaret Sanger has been addressing in our chief cities. It is this famous woman's first visit to India and she has received a sincere and understanding welcome. Crowded meetings appreciated her eloquence, her convincing presentation of her subject and her personal charm in Bombay, Baroda, Calcutta, Delhi, Trivandrum, Madras.

"One result of her visit is that the All-India Medical Conference which met at Xmas in Nagpur decided that Birth Control information and training should be included in the Curricula of Medical Colleges and Medical Schools in future. This is in line with Mrs. Sanger's message that this revolutionary subject should be guided by the medical profession, and be under expert, not quack, control, just as are dentistry and opthalmics. Mrs. Sanger is herself a trained Nurse and gave a number of practical demonstrations to married ladies who sought her help, some of them mothers of eight and ten children, others the victims of frequent miscarriages. To large meetings of the medical fraternity also she gave facts and figures and displays of equipment. Her Vision is of a new Humanity every unit of which will have been a welcomed, planned for, and healthy infant."

"Holding over forty open meetings for physicians, social workers, women in Purdah clubs and government officials, as well as innumerable interviews with men and women of all classes who asked her help, Margaret Sanger brought her two months' stay in India to a brilliant climax by securing the endorsements of the All India Women's Conference, the All India Medical  Conference and the Municipality of Bombay.

Thirty centers where birth control information is to be given have already been established, chiefly in maternity wards of hospitals and other places where trained physicians are in charge. A film on birth control technique, prepared especially for physicians, was shown by Mrs. Sanger to members of the India Medical Association in Calcutta, Delhi, and Benares, and at the first All India Conference of Gynecologists and Obstetricians. Public meetings were helpoed in Albert Hall, Calcutta, in Bombay, in Baroda, and elsewhere. 

'Doctors came from all over the south of India,' Mrs. Sanger wrote to her National Headquarters in Washington, 'asking me to visit their towns and cities and help them get things started. I was followed by men and women alike, begging me to tell them what to do and how to help others. The interest here is beyond expectation.'"

Describes the AIWC Meeting as "electrical" and quotes Sanger on the meeting of the YMCA of Trivandrum, as "One of the finest meetings I had....One thousand men, mostly young husbands, sat on the ground in the open air and drank in every word I said without so much as a sound for almost two hours. It is the men who are deeply alive to this question in India, and of the countless letters I receive, the most impressive and heart-rending are from men, pleading for birth control information for their wives.'

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