Packard, Arthur W., 1901-1953

Biographical Information for Arthur Packard


 Arthur Packard was associated with John D. Rockfeller, Jrs. philanthropy since 1929; died after a long illness. Lived in Mamaroneck. Worked on development of Colonial Williamsburg; also served with other groups Riverside Church; National War Fund; Brown U. Board of Fellows; Davison Fund; and Rockefeller Brothers Fund. lived in Rye NY for years, member of its planning committee. Went to Brown, grad 1925 Magna Cum Laude; Rhodes Scholar, studied at Oxford University. Got a masters in English literature in 1932; Taught at Mount Hermons Boys School, was field secretary for the World Peace Foundation.  Married Mary Whittle Moody, she survived him; two sons- David Bruce Packard; William Moody Packard.

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