Hopkins, Prynce (1885-1970)

Prynce Hopkins (1885-1970), was a wealthy, American-born psychologist, educator,  and one of the founders of the ACLU.  A Santa Barbara  friend of Katharine McCormick, he was also a  philanthropist interested in family planning and had served as sponsor of the 6IPPF in Tokyo in 1955.  MS may have had in mind for funding the IPPF,  perhaps after receiving a letter from him congratulating her on the success of the Tokyo conference and receiving the news that he had sent a generous check to the MSRB.  She tracked him down in London to tell him that she had written about him to Vera Houghton in the hopes they would meet and he could learn more about the international work.  The March 17 letter telling Ms he had bronchitis was not found.  (Los Angeles Times, Aug. 19, 1970;  Hopkins to MS, Nov. 14, 1955 [MSM S48:932];  MS to Hopkins, Jan. 23, Feb. 29 and Mar. 22, 1956 [MSM S49:159, 525, 655].
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