Sanger, William

First husband of Margaret Sanger


See note below on William Sanger.]  PE

16. [b]  [note that Lader’s letter between Oct. 3 and 10, to which Sanger is responding, seems to be missing.  His 10/3/53 letter mentions Victoria Woodhull, but does not ask her about her marriage to Bill or other “skeletons”] Lader apparently wanted to delve deeper into the Sangers’ marital problems.  In chapter drafts he characterized William Sanger as “poor Bill,” and “gentle, considerate Bill,” and stated that MS, “as this huge tide of revolt swept her forward . . . had actually outgrown him.” She objected to this characterization since William, thoroughly modernist, encouraged her birth control work while pursuing his own artistic pursuit. However, she refused to disclose to Lader the more immediate cause of her marital breakup, her infidelity during the years 1913-1915.  See Vol. 1 for more on the Sanger marriage. (Lawrence Lader, “Margaret Sanger Biography,” Typescript of Chapters 2-6, 1955 [MS Unfilmed].) PE

17. [note 16 above should suffice – don’t know exactly what MS means since we do not have passage of Lader letter she is referring to] PE

**First translation**

My Sweetheart,

I just received your [???] catalog. You are so dear to send this.

How strange things can happen..[???]I saw the autograph which was very well liked..- Oh that was a sudden moment and it was great!

Are you alright my dear?


“William Sanger, Registered Architect,  City of New York, Dept of Water Supply, Gas & Electricity.”
“My experience with two of your biographies in which I was mentioned was not a jovial one.  In one I’m mentioned as a poor artist then another as a poor architect – both did me no good!  The last one buzzed the entire staff – when some read your biography.  All some mortals need is to hear the name of Sanger and the [job?] is up. 
While I’m not unmindful of your kind motive in wanting to include me in your biography, I think it best that my name be not mentioned.”

Discusses Hastings house and encloses design of house drafted on letterhead from City of New York, Dept of Water Supply, Gas & Electricity. Includes map of Edgars Lane in Locust Hill; Sanger house next to Griswold house

[268] Gilbert E. Roe, retained as counsel by the Free Speech League, went before Judge Swann of the Court of General Sessions in New York to request a trial by jury for WS.  The request was denied by Judge Swann possibly on March 15, 1915.  Roe also appealed to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of New York, which was also denied.  Trial was set for September 10th.
            [451] The trial of William Sanger, arrested by Anthony Comstock on January 19th for the “crime” of having handed to a visitor a copy of a pamphlet by Mrs. Sanger on “Family Limitation,” has been set for March 15th.  A jury trial is being applied for.

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