Plummer, George Winslow, 1876-1944

Rev. George Winslow Plummer (1876-1944), co-founded and led the Societas Rosicrucianna in America and was also known as Archbishop Georgius of the independent Holy Orthodox Church of America.


MS from GWP, December 8, 1914 (LCM 9:1151) Apparently GWP lives with his wife some place very cold, perhaps Canada.  MS was near GWP’s neighborhood and didn’t stop by, which agitated GWP slightly.  Briefly mentioned an interview with Miss Gray as well as set her literature.  MS’s sister, Miss Higgins, was visiting GWP during the week with the Honorable William.

MS from GWP, April 27, 1928 (LCM 9:1153) This letter is threefold: (1) GWP wants MS to introduce her friend Mrs. Juliet Rublee to his friend Capt. Noel, who frequents Mt. Everest, so GWP can get a dirt sample of the great mountain for his geological samples collection; (2) GWP wants MS to bring him back a piece of the Great Pyramid in Cairo on her next journey.  “I am silly enough to believe that the Egyptian Government would not suffer any appreciable loss if a small chunk, about one and one-half inches, were surreptitiously lifted from it.” (3) GWP congratulates MS for “the slapstick treatment [she] gave to Holy Rome in the Times.”

            Ltr to MS from GWP, November 10, 1930 (LCM 9:1155)  GWP had an interview with Blakeley Hall and felt that “Mr. Hall and his associates were prejudiced against [him], due to the fact that I acquainted you with the situation.” He also has been “expecting to get a ring from [MS], almost daily, but so far have been doomed to disappointment.”

            Ltr to MS from GWP, April 30, 1931 (LCM 9:1157) GWP briefly adds his “ballyhoo” congratulating MS on “winning the approval of the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ.”

            Ltr to GWP from MS, June 1, 1933 (S 7:895) MS shares that she accepted the opportunity to speak in Chicago at a Conference called “The Parliament of Religions.”  She briefly explains her “religion” on BC that it comes from the “heart rather than from the head.”  This letter is basically explaining her views to gain the potential interest of GWP, but she isn’t forceful in her writing.

            Ltr to MS from GWP, March 21, 1935 (LCM 9:1158) GWP gives his views on the BC issue since MS got sort of shot down by Congress in an effort to liberalize them.  GWP’s doctor tells him “the general fun of divorces is ‘fear’ - fear of unwanted babies.” (Might be a Kipling quote.)  Goes on to state, “We may cease regarding Birth-control as being or properly being a privilege for the adults, and turn to seeing it as being DUTY, of them, toward the children which their operating mentalities, spiritualities and understanding would lead them to have...duties owed those children before they are conceived...and after they are born.”  He also believes “a Congressman may be fully as sex-ignorant as another man may be.”

            Ltr to GWP from MS, October 9, 1935 (LCM 9:1162 & S 10:439) MS states she will be leaving for India on October 23 and will return June 1.  She also asks GWP for his shopping list of “stones from the temples and other religious orders of India.”  She doesn’t anticipate going to Egypt.  Ltr to MS from GWP, July 9, 1936 (S 11:397)  MS came through on the gems from India and duly shipped them to GWP.
            Ltr to MS from GWP, December 6, 1937 (S 14:20) MS flies to Tuscon, AZ and GWP wishes her all the best.  He also enjoyed visiting her while she was in the hospital.  Ltr to GWP from MS, December 10, 1937 (S 14:33) MS drops GWP a note to tell him she got to Tuscon okay and she appreciates all his support.

            Ltr to GWP from MS, February 5, 1939 (LCM 9:1164) MS eludes to conserving their strength to “combat the devilish propaganda of the roman Catholic Church.”  She is also looking for the opportunity to “push the cause over the top,” giving the next generation the chance to take over and do some “research into my own individual life and to see which way this individual should go.”

            Ltr to MS from GWP, February 20, 1942 (S 20:753) GWP and MS have been trying to rehabilitate a convicted rapist, Frank Nugent, for the past year through the mail by sending him literature.

            Ltr to MS from GWP, November 11, 1943 (S 23:430) GWP stopped writing to his Siberian prison acquaintance, Frank Nugent, because the Warden didn’t appreciate GWP’s letters.  He also found “the correspondence being heavily censored, but some of [it] never reached it destination.”  Just giving MS the heads up.  This was also the last letter from GWP to MS as noted by MS’ writing at the bottom.  Looks like it says GWP died in January.

            Meeting Minutes from Societas Rosicruciana in America, dated sometime in 1951 (S 35:262) Means The Secret of the Sign of the Cross.

[135] MS began to study Rosicrucianism after the death of Peggy [not true according to the docs--before] “then a fashionable mystical cult among British intellectuals to which Havelock Ellis had first introduced her in London [not true, acc. to letter, before she left for England].  The Rosicrucians advanced an oriental regimen of private meditation intended to connect the individual to powers within the self that drive from a supreme higher force, a ‘god within’ as she interpreted it, paraphrasing Nietzsche.  Moreover they counseled that successful practitioners of their faith would come away with healing powers of their own and become ‘a force for good among men.’  MS “accepted uncritically the Rosicrucian notion that every individual possesses a ‘spark of divinity,’ which determines the potential to express oneself in a constructive and meaningful way.” [136] MS “rejected much of the dogmatism of the Rosicrucians and never accepted anything as their belief in reincarnation.  From this point on, however, her dabblings in spiritualism helped strengthen private doubts and misgivings for which neither political ideology or the objective world of science and medicine provided meaningful solutions.

[221] George Winslow Plummer (1876-1944), Married Grace Francis Waite (d. 1935) and Gladys E. S. Miller; he was educated at Rhode Island School of Design and Brown U.  One of the founders of the Societas Rosicruciana in America; helped Sylvester C. Gould form the Societas Rosicruciana in America in 1908; after Gould died in 1909, Plummer assumed leadership of the group for the next 35 years.  Founded Mercury a society quarterly in 1916; in 1920 started working full-time on the society. During the 1920s he formed the Seminary of Biblical Research, gave a series of lectures on Christian Mysticism in 1926, and became head of the Anglican Universal Church, a small independent Catholic jurisdiction.  He was consecrated bishop by former Roman Catholic bishop Manuel Ferrando, in Puerto Rico; in 1934 he was re-consecrated by Archibishop William Albert Nichols of the American Orthodox Church and assumed the title [222] Archibishop Georgius; In 1936 their church was renamed the Holy Orthodox Church in America, with congregations in NYC, Birmingham, Alabama, Scranton, PA, and Chicago.  All these locations had previously had SRIA chapters.  Published several Rosicrucian books.  After he died, his widow, Gladys Plummer deWitow became head of the society and the church, known as Mother Serena. 

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