Rutgers, Johannes, 1851-1924

Johannes "Jan" Rutgers was a Dutch physician, socialist, and leader of the Dutch Neo-Malthusian League. He established a series of contraceptive clinics staffed by lay working-class women trained by midwives. He met MS in 1915 at the Hague, where he gave her a course on fitting diaphragms.


Concerned with the problems of his working-class patients, Rutgers created a system of training poor women to act as advisers on contraceptive information to women in 1899. By 1910, he had 38 women working as "lay-nurses." He was drawn to the budding socialist movement, and joined the Dutch Neo-Malthusian League in the 1890s. He was secretary and treasurer of the League from 1899-1917, as well as secretary of the International Bureau of Correspondence and Defense which supported people who were prosecuted for spreading information about birth control. He was married twice, the second time to Marie Hoitsema.

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