Andreytchine, George E., c.1894-1949?

Macedonian-born IWW organizer and editor of Bulgarian language IWW publications. Andreytchine joined the IWW during the Mesabi Range strike in 1916 when he was working as a civil engineer for the Oliver Iron Mining Company in Hibbing, Minnesota. He eventually became secretary of the Mesabi IWW local branch. In July 1916, in an attempt to quash the strike by the federal government, he was arrested on a deportation warrant on the ground that he was an anarchist and his activities in the strike tended to incite violence. On 25 July 1916 Andreytchine was transferred from Duluth to Ellis Island to await deportation. After protests from all over the country, made by such figures as Frank P. Walsh and Jane Addams, Solicitor General? J.B. Densmore cancelled his deportation order in August and he was released. On 28 September 1917 he was named in the indictment issued in Chicago of 166 IWW members for violating the Espionage Act. He was convicted, sentenced to twenty years in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary, and given a twenty thousand dollar fine. The men chose to appeal the case and Andreytchine was released on bail in June 1919. In 1921, after he was offered political asylum by the Russian government he jumped bond and fled to Russia with William Haywood. In later life he was imprisoned in a Soviet concentration camp for being sympathetic of Leon Trotsky and died during a Communist Party purge in Bulgaria.

He contributed financially to The Blast in 1916 from Minnesota. The Blast of 15 June 1916 included a report on the Minnesota IWW Iron Miners, including a letter from Andreytchine to AB.

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